March 12, 2010

Clean up! Clean up! Everybody! Everywhere!

This week has been full, full of many good things, but still quite full. Last night, I had to tackle a large mountain of dishes. Do you ever have a 3-dish-rack kind of night? Had one of those here last night, including hand-drying 3 or 4 larger items!

Exhibit A
to the right of the sink

Exhibit B
on the other side of the sink
Wire cooling racks with a dish towel underneath are great makeshift drying racks!


  1. Very industrious! My dish rack is a wire shelf organizer with a ikea pot lid organizer on top (all on top of a dishtowel). Counter space in my kitchen is lacking, so I needed something skinny (only about 8" wide). Also, I put small things (silverware, lids, etc) on the towel underneath to dry. I just wash the dishtowels every few weeks.

  2. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention, right?! Sounds like you've got a pretty elaborate set up that works perfectly for your space. We had a small kitchen before this one, and to increase counter space I'd open up tv trays!

    Thanks for posting; good to hear from you!

  3. i remember the days without a dishwasher, and yes, there were many times i had three racks full of dishes. it took just as long to put everything away as it did to clean everything. you wonder woman!!!