March 20, 2010

Friday with Friends!

Friday we spent almost the entire day with good friends. What a treat! It's crazy to think that we have at least 7 years of history together, post-college history. Amazing.

The plan was to spend a lovely morning at the Arnold Arboretum taking in the first signs of spring. With five kids between the two of us - we were watching another little girl for a short time - the lovely morning quickly deteriorated into muddy bottoms, chasing after kids headed to mud puddles, tumbles on the asphalt, etc. All of this terminated after about an hour and only about 200 ft into the park, with Elizabeth taking a hard tumble and scraping her face. Fortunately, no teeth were broken or knocked out and we made it back to Jenny's without any more incident. Some photos from our brief time out in nature:

A blooming tree!

Should we take this path?

Off the path again!

Rock collecting?

Signs of spring!

Snack time!

The kids (and at least this mom!) all seemed very at ease with the boundaries that 4 walls of a house provide. We had a nice lunch, played, the kids took a rest, and Jenny and I got to catch up. Then, since it was a most brilliant day, we gardened in their fully sunlit front yard. What a delight and a perfect kick off to the first official weekend of spring!

The big boys!

The big girls!

Watering to make the dirt pellets expand.

Planting the seeds!

Ahhhh, sweet spring!

Jenny instructs the wee gardeners;

and they get to work!

Happy spring to you all! Could we be in for our first and only real spring in Boston? I wonder.....


  1. We had such a great day with you, Thanks for spending it with us! I look totally stressed out in that picture of me, which I totally wasn't! It was so fun for me to have the girls (and you!) help in the garden. Hopefully next Friday will be gorgeous too and we can get outside again with you!

  2. Yep, sorry about that photo. The other full yard option included your rear, as you were bending down explaining something to the girls. I thought you might not appreciate that too much! :)

  3. so jealous, and so happy you both were able to enjoy a much needed spring day together. blessings!