February 11, 2010

Elizabeth's Educational Endeavors

Today Elizabeth and I started working on an alphabet collage of sorts, an idea that came to me last week that I've been very excited about doing. Thankfully, E found it quite fun, searching for letters in magazines and pasting them onto the paper. She took capital and I the lower case; but we helped each other as needed. J was particularly challenging to find in larger than 10 or 12pt font. We made it half way through and will finish up tomorrow. Here are a couple of pictures of the work in progress.

This week we began reading picture books about Presidents' Day, George Washington, and Abraham Lincoln. Yesterday when E was playing independently, she built the White House you see below. The president (a stuffed lion, chosen because his mane reminded her of Washington's hair style) is sleeping inside. The flag was a project earlier in the year, but she had me write on it: Presidents' Day is coming. Please meet the President in Washington, D.C. at the White House. You may also note her medieval secret service men, guarding the place.

This morning, she made soup while we played outside. It had snow, twigs, leaves, and pine needles, which were, of course, different kinds of herbs and spices. She was quite into this self-created activity, stirring and mashing it with a push-handle from one of the cars on the playground. It was almost like she was hosting her own cooking show.

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  1. i remember "writing" collage notes using cut outs from magazines to my friends and sisters as if i had something mysterious to say and they couldn't know who the author was. elizabeth is learning life long skills i tell you!!

    and soup...that should go well with the 3 feet of snow that we are hearing you all have??