February 2, 2010

My Favorite Trio

Dad's been busy these days, but working at home allows him some fun times with the kids between work sessions. Elizabeth and Colin have (almost) nightly Wii gaming time together and Brian tries to squeeze in a cuddle with dad whenever he can, even if dad's just taking a bathroom break. These kids love their daddy!

Thanks for being available, Colin, even during such an intense time! You have no idea what a delight it is for me to see you love the kids and the kids love you back. (Your Wife loves you too!)


  1. thank you for not posting pictures of the bathroom-break cuddles. the rest of these are sweet images!

  2. And it is a delight for Grammy and Grampy to see it too. We thank God for all of you! Love, Grammy.

  3. oooo...i remember those long days of dissertation writing! bathroom breaks and meal times were the highlights of daddy time!!