November 10, 2015

30 Days of Encouragement {Day 10}: Encouragement Fuel

I was going to get into more exposition of the Hebrews passage today, but I feel prompted by the Spirit to share something different.  At the beginning of the series we defined encouragement as the action of giving someone support, confidence, or hope that is grounded in Christ and points them to Him.  For such encouragement to take place, the encourager needs to have a store to draw from.  That fuel will come primarily from God's Word.

We will only have words to share to encourage one another to the extent that we are fueling up on the Scriptures!  As we acquaint ourselves with the God of the Bible and His message, His love, His concerns, His guidance, and His abundance, we will have more and more to pour out into the lives of others.

To that end, I want to share a website with you Love God Greatly.  They lead regular, year round, six week Bible studies on books of the Bible or topics, providing free Bible study materials, a few blog posts a week, encouraging video clips to go along with them, and weekly challenges.  I participated in a couple last year and they were great!  You will learn how to study Scripture as well as the Scriptures themselves.  My friend, Pam, gave testimony at the conference this past weekend to how effective and live-changing this method of study has been in her life, and she's been a Christian for a good long time!  Cool, huh?

I believe the Lord wants me to share this with you today because a new series started yesterday and it is on The Names of God.  THIS IS A PERFECT WAY TO FUEL UP TO BE READY TO ENCOURAGE.  We cannot understand what everyone is gong through, but we can come along side and lead them to the Lord and let Him care for their deepest needs.  Knowing God's many names, and studying His ways, equips us to minister to others - and our lives will be transformed along the way, too.  I have a hunch!

If you click on the word BLOG at the top of the Love God Greatly website you can get to a page with all the recent blog posts.  Or if you want a quick link, the Introduction Post is here.  The first post, from yesterday, is here, which includes all the Bible study materials at the bottom.  Also, there are many translations of the studies you can find here; perhaps you can think of a friend to invite.

I was not planning on doing it, but now that I'm typing this, I might jump on board, too.  Let me know if you decide to! 

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