November 1, 2014

Running to the Refuge {Day 1}: an Introduction

Happy November, my friends!  Are you ready?!

Are you ready to see what God has to show us about Himself as our Refuge?
Are you ready to grow in trusting God in the hard things?
Are you ready to kick some idols to the curb to rest in the Living God?

Are you ready to run to the Refuge?

I am!

As we begin, I want to share with you how this got started and then I will address the question, What does it mean to run to the refuge?

Why this topic?
There was a period this past summer when I kept coming across the word refuge: in personal study, sermons, songs, etc.  My heart took great comfort and courage from the word each time.  Of course the courage and comfort came from knowing that God is that refuge, the only place I can run for sure safety, protection, security, love, forgiveness, and peace.  Thus, when I was thinking ahead to November, one idea I jotted down in my writing journal was this one.

I know I am not alone in feeling desperate for refuge in this world of sin, expectations, challenges, and relentlessness.  I believe God is that Refuge and learning more about what kind of a refuge He is will strengthen us as we walk with Him.

What does it mean to run to the Refuge?
The short answer is trusting in the Lord.  The longer answer will come throughout the month.  Running to the Refuge happens in a couple different ways in our lives.  There is the daily habit of throwing all your eggs into God's basket, so to speak, saying, Lord, I trust in you and I place my life in your hands today.  Then there's the life-just-got-intense running to the Refuge, when we are aware of something pressing in on us and we are desperate for the refuge of the Lord.  In either case, trust is expressed in turning to the Refuge.

Over the month, we'll spend a week looking at each of these themes:

  1. Refuge of - What kind of a refuge is God?  What can we expect from Him as our refuge?  We need to know what we're running to.
  2. Refuge from - Who are our enemies?  What are we taking refuge from?  We need to be able to identify our foes.
  3. Refuge in - How can we run to the Refuge in specific situations in life?  We need to take refuge in God in all things.
  4. Refuge unto - Is running to the Refuge an end in itself or the beginning of something new?  We need to respond to the Refuge.

Running Orders! (a.k.a. a little assignment for you):

  • What are your hopes for this month of meditations on Running to the Refuge?  Write these down and ask God to meet you in your expectations.
  • In what area or aspect of life do you find the idea of taking refuge most appealing?  Would you be willing to share about that in the comments or in a private message?  I would love to know how you perceive taking refuge and would like to make sure I hit on topics relevant to readers.

Finally, here is what you can expect through November.  I will write daily, except Sundays, through the month.  I will add assignments for you to do to engage with the content.  I will pray daily for you that the Lord will strengthen you with His Word and His very self.

I am so excited about this month of writing.  God has brought me to this topic, given me ideas exactly when I've needed them, and, I believe, drawn you here to learn along with me.  Isn't He kind and good?  Oh, we're going to have a good time!

Till Monday, walk in His way!



  1. I am super excited to start this study. I am ready to deepen my trust in God while and when I am struggling in this world

  2. Just got this in my email today. Was originally in German. Thanks for leading us to ponder this topic!

    My Father, to you I commit this new month. Grant me to recognize what a privilege it is to trust you. Let me taste your peace. Make my soul quiet as I behold your love.