November 8, 2013

{Day 8} Saved and Called: What IS Holiness, Anyway? (Part 2)

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Yesterday I got to talking about about holiness, trying to define it and help us start from the same place as we move on to looking at Scriptures that tell us how we ought to live the holy life.

Here is the question I wanted to answer:  Is there any connection between the holiness of God, that seems so difficult to define but that He opens our hearts to believe and understand, and the holy life to which He calls us?

I was about to share a second important truth about holiness with you, when I found myself wonderfully consumed with awe at the first point and had to let us sit there for the day:
1. If we belong to God through Jesus, we have been set apart to God as holy.  God says to us, I chose you out of the darkness and I am bringing you into my light, not because of what you've done, but because of who I AM.  If that doesn't stop you in your tracks, please read it again.

From Scripture, the truth emerges that Holy God calls people to Himself, saving them from their sin and setting them apart as holy.  Today, if you belong to God through faith in Jesus, you are holy unto the Lord.  You have been set apart.*  Doesn't that take your breath away?!

Now it is time for the second thing about holiness.
2. Those who are set apart as holy unto the Lord have been set apart with purpose - to bring glory to the name of the Lord!  It is He who made us and we are His, the Psalmist says.  God is holy and holiness is His call.  We belong to the Lord and He wants us to live unto Him.  (Fair enough, right?!)  What this looks like, according to the commands and directions of His Word are what we'll be exploring for the rest of the month.  Get excited!

I was talking with my husband about this post last night and he shared a story with me that I will relate to you now.  This little anecdote gives answer to the question I posed at the beginning, about the connection between God's holiness and His call to holiness for His people.  He said he sees how God interacts with us similar to a teacher who was about to have a student in her class whom she had heard was quite a handful: disruptive, rude, difficult.  Prior to beginning the year, she pulled him aside and said, I've heard all about you.  But you know what, I don't believe it.  I know you can succeed in this class.  [She was setting him apart from his former reputation, calling him something that he was not.]  And guess what.  That young man did very well in her class; he excelled and was never a problem for her.  [Having been set apart, given a new purpose, He took off in that direction!]

That's what I want us to feel like doing at the end of this month,

taking off in God's direction!

Beginning with and continuing in grace - focused on God's holiness and His work in favor of His people - prepares us for and sustains us in this call to live a pure, righteous, God-fearing life.  Since holiness is more of a state of being than something we acquire,
what if we considered this call to life the holy life a GIFT?
Our Creator and Redeemer has shown us how to live the right way in His world and, further, He promises to equip us for the journey that will culminate in eternity with Him.  What a precious gift, indeed!

Tomorrow we'll start unwrapping it!
Till then, God's grace and peace be with you.

*If you do not know God through Jesus as your Savior and would like to know more.  Please get in touch!  That's the Good News Christians talk about, and I'd love to share it with you.

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