November 29, 2013

{Day 29} Saved and Called: Heaven Bound

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In the Thanksgiving post, I wrote about looking back at what God has done and giving thanks.  Walking with God means we not only look back and give thanks, but we also look forward and give thanks with great hope.  The subtitle of this blog is pressing on with great hope.  Do you know why?  Well, it is because as we walk in the valley that is life this side of heaven, we keep going because we have hope in and from God.  This hope comes from His promises made that THIS IS NOT IT.  We're in training for something greater - a place where there is no need for a sun, because God is the light.

God's people will one day spend eternity with Him.

From early on in this series I knew one of the final posts had to be about heaven, because of the way William Law talked about it in A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life.  Heaven was a reality for him.  It is easy to get caught up in the things of this world, its passions and pleasures, and forget that THIS IS NOT IT.  Eternity awaits us on the other side of death, which is a reality we cannot escape.  If we think about life as preparation for a (wonderful, glorious, worshipful, free) eternity with God, what does that do to our priorities?  Will we spend our time the same?

Law points out that when we get to heaven, all of the things that grieved us about the possibility of dying will fade away.  Since that is the case, he asks, why do we cling so tightly to them?

I don't hear much about heaven these days.  I don't think about heaven much.  Christians are going to spend far longer there than here.  Have you considered heaven lately?

Oh Lord, give us a vision of YOU and of your glory!  Place in our hearts a greater desire to know You and to get to know what You care about by reading Your word.  We are weak, but your Spirit in us is strong.  By your grace, let us awaken each morning with joy, knowing You have saved us.  And, in that joy, help us press on in faith through action that draws us closer to You.  Thank You for sending your Son, for raising Him from the dead, for giving Him a place at your right hand,  for placing your Spirit in our hearts, and for preparing a place for us, your people, in Heaven.  Our minds cannot fully comprehend Your love, but we cling to it with all our hearts!  Thank you for giving us opportunities to taste and see that You are good.  Set before us a vision of heaven that changes how we see things here on earth.  In Jesus' name, Amen.

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  1. Good morning. I just got off the phone with a dear friend from Kigali who just lost her husband this week.. back here in the States so this post is very timely. She said that when he died... such a peace came over his face that she even said to the ambulance driver.. What happend to his face?

    As i was reading your blog.... i was thinking.. heaven isn't just a place we go to to live forever with the one that loves us more than any other.... but heaven is a transformation of who we into what we were ultimately created to be. What peace and assurance is there in that? Finally knowing
    not only our creator but even knowing ourself as God knows us.

    1. What a story! Amazing. Thanks for leaving a comment, mom. :) I'm looking forward to that transformation!!

  2. Hi Heather! Sign me up for the giveaway. Really good thoughts here. It is so hard to imagine a place where we will never be looking forward to the next thing or having any regrets because we will be forever FULLY SATISFIED in the Lord. Wow.

    1. You got it, Kit! Oh, to be fully satisfied! Praise God it's coming and we can get small tastes of it while we wait with expectation.