August 23, 2012

Something New: Guest Posting!

Gramma and her grandkids
So, the summer's almost over, eh?  Wow, where did that go?  I know.  We say this every year.  But I think adding a baby to the mix made this summer go by even more quickly.  One thing I tried to do this summer was prioritize the better over the good.  For example, my mom has been in town over the last three weeks, and that has taken precedence over things like, say, writing on this blog.  It's also taken precedence over preparing for school, (which starts on Monday - AH!), but I'm trying to be content with choices I make about how to use my time, an area in which I need to grow.  I spend far too much time looking backwards and fretting about how maybe I could have used my time better.  It can make a girl crazy, not to mention I'm certain the Lord does not want us to live like that.

Anyway, what I really want to share with you is my first guest post ever(!) over at the Emerging Scholar's Network (ESN) blog!  This post is the beginning of a short series on transitions that will post over the next several Thursdays.  Please pop on over and give it a read, and pray that it would be of specific encouragement to those who find themselves in the midst of transitions at the moment.  Transitions are hard, but God is good and sovereign.

Elizabeth, Brian, and Haley and Ellen,
two of Tom's four girls (2009)
If you're wondering how I came across this writing opportunity, here's the story:  I'm fairly certain that talk of me contributing to the ESN blog began well over a year ago.  It was suggested by Thomas Grosh, the associate director of ESN, who was my InterVarsity staff worker for half of my time at Carnegie Mellon University.  We have kept in touch over the years, but been able to connect more regularly since we returned to Pittsburgh.  I'm not much like ESN's regular blog contributors, given that I'm not really all that scholarly, but my dad is a professor and I'm married to a man who may be one someday, so I have had a life-long connection to University communities.  I owe Tom much gratitude for not only this opportunity to write, but also for faithfully discipling me as a young, energetic, and far-too-busy college student.  He and his wife, Theresa, have been a blessing not only to me, but also to us as a couple

So, that's the short story of how I ended up writing for the ESN blog, my connection to Tom, and how I've been spending my summer trying to make better choices.

What have you been up to this summer?  Learning, practicing, or trying anything new?

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  1. Thank-you for posting Heather! Great to continue to keep in touch. Love the pictures :)

    For our family, today was a big day as Eden adjusted to life without her constraint therapy cast (which she had for the past 3 weeks on her left arm/hand). As part of the morning Eden and Theresa were interviewed by a local cable channel and photographed by the local newspaper for stories on the value of such approaches to therapy. Praying for others to have opportunity to participate in such programs. This was the first in our area and the design of it was a blessing. Theresa and Eden have a debrief tomorrow . . .

    FYI: Some video from yesterday is posted at