August 28, 2012

Tweaking the "Regularly Scheduled Program"

I find the summer delightful: a break from all of the "normal" routines, swimming outside, maybe even a vacation.  With my personality, however, after too much non-routine, I'm so ready for it by the time the fall rolls around!  You?  We cranked up our school year yesterday and I wanted to share a little something with you to encourage you as you begin the new school year:

Now is a great time to make a change,
if you feel like things need to be shaken up a little!

We got into the habit long ago of letting our kids watch a television show every day upon waking up.  Sometimes if they got up at different times, it would be two shows.  As I thought about this earlier in the summer, I was disappointed with myself for letting our days start like this, wishing we could do it differently.*  Then my brain says to me, "Um, you and Colin are the parents, you get to decide how the household is run." And I replied to my brain, "Oh wow!  You're right.  We can change the routine if we want to, especially if it moves us in the direction of our real priorities."

Day 1 of the 2012-13 school year

Now, you may be quicker than I am on the uptake.  Yes, you probably are!  In the preceding months, I could have spent less time lamenting my failure to make the mornings what I wanted them to be by taking action.  Times of transition - the new year or a new school year - are great opportunities to reevaluate what's going on in your life and what is important to you.  Then make the necessary change or changes.

I know we're not ultimately in control of our destinies; that's God's job.  He does call us to faithfulness, however.  And often those little nudges or irritations in our mind and soul are an indication that it's time to take action; the Spirit is prompting.  I wonder what that might be for you?  Are you making any small or grand changes in your personal or family routines this fall?  I love how the Proverbs challenge my passiveness (okay, let's call it what it is, laziness!):

The sluggard craves and gets nothing, but the desires of the diligent are fully satisfied.
Proverbs  13:4

Go for it!  Make a change!!

*For the record, there is nothing wrong with morning television.  But it was bothering me, so I know it needed to be addressed in our family.  I'm offering this as an illustration of the theme of this post.


  1. I think a great morning routine for kids (when they get to the appropriate age) would be to help prep all the kitchen/food that will be consumed that day (i.e. chop onions, peel carrots, etc).

    Or, maybe get them stretching, running, or some sort of physical activity :)

  2. That middle picture looks like a mug shot. I'm sure that's no reflection on what it's like to attend the Ashe Academy. :)

    1. Ha! Yeah, that one made me laugh pretty hard. They wanted to make the serious face picture before the silly one. I'll leave you wondering about what it's like to attend the Ashe Academy... :)