November 1, 2011

We Did Some Stuff in October

I did all that blogging in October, but didn't share much about what was happening.
To copy my friend Sarah, here's a photo post of what's been going on this month!

Elizabeth and I were in Washington, DC to see our dear friends.
(I wish they lived next door!)

 We went to the Science Center.

We watched an amazing crew put a new roof on the house across the street.

We got to see more dear friends as they swung through Pittsburgh on their move from Boston to Atlanta.

 We celebrated the favorite man in all of our lives a couple of times!

 We enjoyed some nice days outside.

Sometimes things got a little silly ... that happens a lot around here.

 The Firemen came to Homeschooling Group.

I was excited that the weather was getting appropriate for things like this: 

We "got schooled."

(This is something Colin shared with Elizabeth over breakfast one morning.
Yeah, her dad is a scientist.)

We carved pumpkins in preparation for Halloween!
Can you guess which family member was responsible for this coolness?

We got the first "snow" of the season and enjoyed a family tradition in its honor.

Last night we got to know a few new neighbors while we trick or treated.

And sometimes, we just relaxed.

 What were you up to in October?

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