November 17, 2011

Thanksgiving Cards

When we lived away, we made a habit of making holiday cards for family.  It seems less of a necessity now that we see them all so often, but the Great Gram lives away so we have a good excuse to keep up the tradition! I got the idea for this year from the DLTK website.  We adapted it a little, using watercolor paints, gluing on  a 3D construction paper beak, and I drew light pencil lines on the paper for Brian to follow (and helped him with the first one, his is on the left and E's on the right.)

Brian, at 3.5 years old, seemed capable of trying it on his own.  He exercised his artistic freedom and some family members will be receiving a blue Thanksgiving turkey this year.  Or maybe it's a Thanksgiving peacock?

One more week before we get to stuff our faces.  Our menu is absurd and I CANNOT WAIT!!!!
Happy Thanksgiving!

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