November 21, 2011

She's This Kind of Mom

We are all sick, well, the kids have done their sickness but today Colin and I are good for nothin'.
I'm thankful for the television & Wii sitters who were available to care for the kids.

I called my mom to bring us a few things.  THIS is what she brought:

I want to be this kind of mommy and gramma, someday.
Thanks, Mom!


  1. That looks exactly like the kind of things my grandma would bring over!

  2. Yay for mamas! We never get too old for them! Hope you guys are better soon, dear Heather! Love you!

  3. oh, i forgot to tell you that one of the clerks told me to get you the heavy syrup from the peaches. She said her Dr. told her to drink that whenever you are throwing up and it would stop it! ( just in case you were wondering why i brought you fruit. ha!) Don't eat the fruit.. just "drink the Koolaid". Hope it helps!