August 9, 2010

Time to Process & Let's Pray!

Wow, what a weekend!

My mind is swimming with all the information acquired. The short story is that we were all spurred on in Christ (spiritually filled and up-lifted) and also taught brilliant strategies for improving our speaking and writing.

Sally and Me

I have a better understanding of Sally Clarkson's goals and desires for MomHeart ministries and look forward to attending one of her conferences in the future. (The one closest to Pittsburgh is in NC in the spring - who's coming with me?! There are others in TX and CA. Contact me for more info.)

Our time together could not have been more bathed in prayer or better designed. Seriously. I'm sure they'll make improvements for future Leadership Intensive Trainings, but I was in no way disappointed!

Given that the weekend was so full and so beneficial, I need time to process my thoughts before I do anymore blogging about it. Right now I'm thinking about starting a series of posts about what was taught, who spoke, what I learned, etc. What do you think? Please post any specific questions in the comments.

For now, I need to go spend some time with or Good God. I feel a renewed energy to pray: for my kids, for our marriage, for my neighbors, and for old and new friends. Will you join me?

With God all things are possible.
Matthew 19:26b

Let's see what our Great and Loving Father will do in, through, and around us. I'm pretty sure His plans are better than anything we can come up with, even on our best day!


  1. so glad you found the retreat encouraging and beneficial. our limited sight cannot fathom that good things that God has in store for us and our kids in the years and generations to come!

  2. Love the post. And definitely look forward to future posts about the conference.
    Thanks for this
    Love, Anne x

  3. Such a blessing to be with you, Heather. I love that you blog so much and will try to put you on my blog roll in the next couple of days. I pray God will continue to encourage you and fill your heart in the days ahead. So glad you could be here. Cute picture--just now seeing it! Thanks for your great words!