August 3, 2010

Reunion and Following

There's too much going on here to get to quality blogging. Colin left us at the end of the reunion to head to TX for a conference. He returns tomorrow evening and I leave the following morning for CO. During the reunion I don't feel like I saw him all that much. I'm excited about the up-coming conference, but also really looking forward to getting back to life-as-usual next week.

I've been crazy emotional and antsy these last couple of days. Tonight I am finally feeling back to normal. I was about to go nuts this afternoon, when Elizabeth suggested I tickle Brian and her for a while. Nothing like cackling kids to snap you back to focus on the beautiful things in life. The day really looked up from there. Dear child. I hope she can always be such a good influence on me!

It has occurred to me that perhaps the enemy is trying to steal my joy and pull be down as I prepare to attend a training conference this weekend. Sneaky little devil. that where that phrase came from?!

And now, more highlights from the reunion! (In no particular order, because I'm too tired.)

Hotel Pool

Cake Decorating:
Any more sugar anyone?!

My boy in "focused" mode.

My little fish

The hot cousins in the boat!

The husband preparing to take our reunion photo.

Petting zoo

We spent a lot of hours in the car.
The kids did so well!

I'll post more photos later. I have several from the day we spent in Kohler, WI, where Colin grew up. Sweet little place, perhaps where your toilet was made! Yep, that Kohler.

Good night, friends. This is all I can do for now.


  1. reunion looks like fun! moving is so stressful, and you're still in a moving/settling mode. it can definitely take it's toll even subconsciously. thinking of you...xo

  2. Thanks Alston! I really appreciate it.

  3. i will be praying for you this week as you settle in without colin's help (laundry alone can be daunting!) and as you prepare for the upcoming conference. i love the pictures of the family reunion... what a special time!