September 26, 2009

Saturday, In the Park

Late this morning, I decided it would be nice to take the kids to a nearby park. Elizabeth picked one we went to last fall on a Joy School field trip; it's about a 5 minute walk away. Elizabeth rode her bike, though the sidewalks on our route weren't the best and she ended up walking her bike a lot.

There were lots of cars around. Brian had a great time trying them all, while E spent more time on the horse. (She remembered it quite well from our last visit.)

Getting started...

Please observe Elizabeth's outfit.
Her latest is to wear mismatched socks.

There's this steep, shaky bridge.
Brian thoroughly enjoyed the challenge.

The headband completes this outfit.
Which grandma got this for him? I love it!

Here, see why Brian falls and hits his forehead so much.
Not really walking, not really running...

(Above is a video. If you can't see it on facebook, head to the blog.)

After playing we went up the road to a little place called Dimitrios to have lunch. I was interested in a Greek salad and had arranged to take a gyro home to Colin. Elizabeth chose the so-not-Greek ravioli. It was quite a portion (including cheesy garlic bread) and Brian had more than his share. He easily ate more than Elizabeth.

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  1. what a fun time!! it's great that as a homeschooling mom you are able to teach elizabeth and take her on fun outings like these!!