September 19, 2009

Brian's New Look

Here's our new solution to Brian's frequent forehead bruises. Yes, that is a sweet sweatband! It's less conspicuous than a helmet and perfectly covers the area he bonks when he tumbles forward in his hurry to get places. (Colin get's the credit for this hip idea.)

Below is chunky monkey doing a little reading. Seriously, he's no worse for the wear after his accident. The only time it bothers him is when I have to change the band-aid! Stitches come out on Monday.

And the incision for those who might be interested.


  1. what a little tough guy! i did look at the bloody picture, and man, oh, man. I expected it to be 'bad' because of the link instead of photo, but it was shocking. glad he's okay!

  2. i love the idea...maybe even a red sox sweat band would be totally unnoticed in red sox nation!! i still haven't looked at the bloody photo and after kristen's comment never will!! here's hoping it never happens again!

  3. Don't know where you found a little sweat band but that is about the cutest thing!! Glad he is healing well. Kid skin seems indestructible. Give him an extra hug from me. Also glad you parents survived your first blood letting! Heather, you were ours with your teeth. Wow! I didn't even know the body had that much blood! Here's to a better week.

  4. Dang it! I hate when I leave myself logged in as work. That last comment was from me. Although I'm sure the LGO program office hearts the Ashes too.