July 10, 2015

This You Must Remember

This morning I will share the Good News with the Kindergartners before we gather with the rest of the classes for our closing program.  I am praying their little ears and hearts will be open to hear, because I know as they grow up and leave the innocence and bliss of childhood the world will try to defeat and destroy them.  Like most of us adults, they will spend much of their time wondering if they measure up, if they matter, and if they are truly loved.  My prayer is that God's Word would be life and hope to them all their days.  I know the Spirit can put their feet on solid ground and protect them!

The short talk I gave at the Mom Heart Reunion in Colorado came to mind this morning and fits with the theme of my prayer for the children, so here it is.  May God be the lifter of your head today!

*     *     *     *     *

There is one truth about our God that we easily forget, but that we MUST remember in order to continue in our faith and any work God calls us to as a family member, neighbor, or friend.

God never changes.

Hebrews 13:8 says that Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever.  Our God is unchanging from eternity past through eternity future.  This is good news!  Why?

Everything around us is always changing!

Old buildings are torn down and new buildings are constructed in their place, changing landscapes and towns.  You go to the store to pick up your favorite toiletries and you can't find them because the packaging has changed, again!  What is accepted and embraced by the culture is always ebbing and flowing, so it is hard to keep up.  We have children and those babies become toddlers, then school-aged, then youths, and (suddenly, so I hear) they are adults.  Change.  How about our circumstances?  In the blink of an eye we can have minor or major changes in health, employment, location, family, and so on, sometimes more than one at a time!  And need I even mention how our bodies and moods are always in flux?!

My goodness, we can count more on change than we can on consistency in this world!
But Scripture tells us that God never changes.

Could you breathe easier if you let the Spirit drive this truth home in your heart and mind?

God’s immutability (that’s fancy talk for unchanging-ness) should be a comfort to us, dear friends.  When I remember that truth, it is like wrapping a warm blanket around my soul.  Because God never changes, I can be sure of many things, even when things around me or in me are shaky and unstable.  You can be sure of these things, too!  Here are three:

God is unchanging in His love for us, His promise to carry to completion what He starts, and in His commitment to never let us go.  Great news, right?

Let's remember daily that our God does not change,
so we do not need to fear in this ever-changing world!

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