January 20, 2015

Open for 2015 {Week 2}

Funny how quickly days can get away from a person!  Tuesday is almost gone, but I will get this post out in cyber-world before I crash for the night.

As you probably know, I have a theme word this year and one way to keep my mind on it is to write weekly about how it is impacting my day-to-day life. I'm extremely unfocused and can be excited about something one moment and be incapable of telling what I was excited about in the next moment.  Okay, well, maybe I'm not that unfocused, but you get the idea.  Thanks for the accountability this year.

This past week I think the definition of OPEN that I was trying hardest to practice was available to follow or make use of, not taken up with duties or engagements, because things like this

won't last forever.  And, more importantly, I want to learn to be like my Savior.

One of my greatest challenges as  mom is enjoying and engaging with my children when there is SO MUCH TO DO!  As the day goes by and my to-do desires remain unfulfilled, my inner-tension can mount.  Then I get impatient, then I miss the little moments, then I don't love as I should, as I truly want to.

So last week, as I thought about OPEN, I tried to say yes more often, make space for the little people in my life, and do the to-dos when I had moments for them.

Guess what?  Nothing, absolutely nothing traumatic or horrific happened because my kitchen table was cluttered most of the week and I didn't get that really-in-the-way box of things to Good Will.  Remarkable!  Even better, however, I have a lot of really wonderful memories from last week:  I went to the beach with Katherine and helped her put on countless dress up outfits; Elizabeth, Brian, and I played the games they got for Christmas several times; I invited them to help me get some rooms picked up, and the helped with minimal weeping and gnashing of teeth; and my heart was so full of joy in many moments at who the three of them are.

Cheesy beaver teeth!

Being closed can become a habit, but last week I was reminded that being OPEN can become a habit too.  I still gaze at my precious to-do list with longing, but those three definitely out-do that list for winning my heart.

Time to take action:  Maybe you can relate to these thoughts.  You may neither have children nor be task oriented, but perhaps there is some way that you're inclined to stay closed rather than "opening up" to what being OPEN could offer.  This week, ask the Lord to show you how you can be  available to follow or make use of, not taken up with duties or engagements, i.e. OPEN.

Till Thursday, walk in His way!

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