December 9, 2014

Tradition Tuesdays: Cutting Snowflakes

I read once in a Reader's Digest or something, about a family who had the tradition of always taking a walk together on the first snow of the year.  If you live in a place where it snows, you know the quiet that settles on a place when snow has fallen.  It is so peaceful, not to mention beautiful.

I liked their idea and thought it would be fun to have a first-snow tradition of our own.  So for a several years now, on the first snow of the year, we drink hot chocolate and make snowflake cut-outs.  Then we hang them around the house on ribbons or in the window.  The kids love it, producing their age-appropriate designs with enthusiasm and sometimes frustration as they elarn.  My husband always makes one or two unbelievably beautiful snow flakes using his extensive knowledge of symmetry and by taking his time.  (He is more patient than I am!)

We have seen a little snow this year, but it was before Thanksgiving, so we didn't do cut-outs yet.  But there is promise of snow in a couple of days.  Last year, we didn't do our cut-outs until winter was almost over!  Sometimes life is like that.  Traditions bring depth to our experience with family and friends, but they don't need to be so rigid that they cause turmoil!

Do you have any snowy or wintery traditions?  Maybe you go skiing every New Year's Day or something amazing like that.  Can I come?!  Or maybe you live in a place where there it never snows.  Do you do anything to mark the winter season?  I'd love to hear what your families do in the Christmastime/winter season.  Feel free to share!

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