December 1, 2014

Three Advent Resources

The season of Advent began yesterday and since I was finishing up the series, I didn't mention it; I was saving that for today!

Here are few things you might like to read this month.  The first is a Bible study you can jump in on today.  Head over to Love God Greatly and subscribe to get their three weekly emails or 'like' their Facebook page.  They have a free Advent Bible study going on that I'm going jump in on too.  It's a few readings a week, with a couple of optional readings to add, and three blog posts (M-W-F) to enhance the study.  The study is called The Road to Christmas and focuses on women in the story with these four themes - Waiting: Overcoming Shame, Willing: Social Outcasts, Wanting: to serve and Glorify, Wishing: to See the Glory of God.  When you subscribe, you'll receive the blog posts in emails, the resources are available for download at the bottom of those messages.  This is the first week's reading plan:

Resource number two is a book edited by Nancy Guthrie called Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus.  It is a collection of sermons by well-known preachers, past and contemporary, on Christmas topics.  I have read it every year for many years.  It is a gem and worth having in your collection.  You can order it through Amazon.

And, finally, resource number three: The Christ of Christmasby James Montgomery Boice.  Boice put together this book from Christmas sermons preached over more than a decade.  He is a wonderful Bible scholar and a passionate lover of Jesus Christ.  I started into this one yesterday and already have so much to ponder!

There you are, a few resources that will help to keep your focus on Christ this Christmas season.
Have a good week!

PS  I have a few simple things up my sleeves for this month, not every day, but at least twice a week.  Stay tuned!

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