December 28, 2013

New Beginnings and the God Who Never Fails

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When I was a girl, we had a fun tradition of gathering as a family on January first to record our resolutions for the coming year.  My dad began this annual event when we were quite small and kept a record of our resolutions over the years.  I loved when he would read the pages from the previous years, which included gems like, quit wetting the bed and stop biting my nails.  As we matured our resolutions became more sophisticated –  commitments to read a certain number of books or master a new skill before the end of the year.
You know, I don’t know if I ever “achieved” any of my goals – I still bite my nails, ugh.  But I so fondly remember those times when my brother, sister, and I would rearrange the couch cushions and pillows to make our resolution booths, from which we would announce our intentions for the new year.  Maybe it’s my personality, but I have always loved fresh starts:  a new calendar year, a fresh school year, a new job .  I embrace with joy the opportunity to start off on the right foot and dive into the delights that the unknown future has for me.  So much potential!
Do you feel that way about the coming year?   Are you eagerly looking forward to January 1, so that you can leave 2013 and its failures behind forever?  Have you set some goals, made some commitments, and resolved to make 2014 a better year?  ...
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