October 19, 2013

Is Your Lens Properly Focused? Mine Wasn’t.

"It hit me hard in the middle of the first session of two-day parenting seminar at church.

To some degree, it had nothing to do with child rearing.  But it had everything to do with me and how I think about myself as a parent.   As a mom.

Our pastor was pointing us to the Scriptures and encouraging us to minister to our children, reminding us of our call to disciple them through instruction, discipline, and relationship.  I think being reminded of all of the good we can do in our children’s lives might be what caused the Spirit to prick my heart at that moment with this thought: ..."

And there I'm going to leave you hanging!  If you want to read on, click here to catch the rest of my article being shared today at itakejoy.com, the blog-home of Sally Clarkson.  I feel so privileged to have recently been invited to join a fabulous group of women as a contributor.

Have a great, hopefully lens-refocusing, weekend!!

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