May 3, 2013

Friday Book Reviews in May

Have you missed checking in for a grace interruption post the last couple of days?  I've missed writing them! The good Lord continues to interrupt me by grace, yesterday with a well-timed invitation to a park picnic at the end of a grumpy-Heather morning.  Lovely.  How about you?  Are you catching God in action?

Now that April is over, I'd like to do something regular, but not every day, in May.  I've read a few books recently and will offer my reviews for your reading.  Perhaps you'll want to pick one up if you're looking for something new.  I may have to do a re-post of an old book review to fill up all the Fridays.  I hope you don't mind.  I wish I could read more, but not at this stage of life!

Here's some fun news!  During this month, I will be reading a new book called Glimpses of Grace: Treasuring the Gospel in Your Home by Gloria Furman who blogs over at DomesticKingdom.  From the short relationship we've had via email and reading her posts, I can say she is a pretty cool lady!    We met online a while back (remember when it used to be weird to say you met someone online?!) and I hope someday we get to meet in person.  She lives in Dubai, so it could be a while!

Anyway, her book will be release on - wait for it - the last Friday of May.  Perfect, no?  So here I am giving you a heads up on what this month's final book review will be.  I hope I can crack it open here shortly and dig in!  I'm so curious to see if there's intersection between what Gloria has to share and last month's interrupted by grace series.

So here we are in May.  The sun is shining and my chimes are singing to me a song of spring as the breezes blow; I'm gonna go read the first chapter of that book.

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