December 1, 2012

DIY Christmas Paperchain Countdown

We love paper chains around here for visual representations of countdowns to events like vacation, the Pirates having a winning season (didn't happen this year, again ... sigh), and birthdays.  The four-year-old finds them quite helpful.  This year I thought it would be fun to make one for an advent countdown to Christmas.  This one starts on the bottom at the brown stem loop on December 2nd, the first day of Advent, 2012.  Then from left to right going across each row we'll remove one a day until we get to the "star" on the 25th!

I wanted to post the idea in case you were looking for a simple little craft to do with your kids this weekend.  Depending on ages they can help with cutting, stapling/taping, and/or writing on the numbers.  Below is a diagram of how this one turned out, after being hung one way that didn't quite work out as I'd hoped (pictured above right).

Did you do any decorating this weekend?
It seems a little early, so I'll whisper it: Merry Christmas!

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