December 5, 2012

Christmas Traditions, Let's Share!

I imagine that in your house, especially if you have a little person or two (or more!), you have a few traditions around this time of the year: special outings, events, recipes, etc.  None of ours our original; they're either borrowed from our own childhoods or stolen from others and tweaked to make them our own.  Here are some things that happen around here:

The day of the first snow, we make time to cut paper snowflakes and drink hot chocolate.
Then we hang the flakes for winter decorations.

At some point, we head downtown to enjoy the festive decorations and lights.

Pittsburgh has a beautiful botanical garden called Phipps Conservatory.
We  make a visit every year (at least once!) for their winter flower show.

This is a 100% stolen idea:
having a basket of winter/Christmas books that is stored with the Christmas decorations
and only comes out when the decorations do!
And I've taken to buying the kids each a new book in December;
when they leave our home, they can take theirs with them.
(Here's a great list from my friend, Kristen, from whom I may have stolen this idea.  A-hem.)

Baking too many kinds of cookies, of course!
We decorate sugar cookies with friends and take small plates to neighbors.

I'd love to hear what some of your traditions are.  Every family has fun traditions that create a special culture in that home for that family; one family's traditions are not better than another's!  But they are valuable, giving our kids a sense of identity and belonging, not to mention fun!  What are some of your special things during this time of the year?  Please share some of your favorites in the comments!


  1. We've started celebrating St. Lucia Day on the 13th, in a nod to Nathan's Swedish heritage. It involves the oldest girl leading all the children in bringing coffee and baked goods to the parents first thing in the morning on one of the darkest days, so how can you go wrong there? :) We are also going to the candlelight Christmas at Old Sturbridge Village for the first time. Did you guys ever do that? I know you are Sturbridge fans. Miss you and will think of you while white-elephant-swapping this Saturday...

    1. Oh cool, Lydia! St. Lucia traditions are fun, and sound very beneficial for the parents. :) I'll bet Addy loves it too. Oh, I do wish we lived closer to OSV. We never did anything there at Christmas. Can't wait to hear about it!

      Have fun Saturday, love those CTK ladies.

  2. How have i missed all of these blogs???? I think because when they come to my box.. I can't open the
    pictures..... THESE ARE TERRIFIC... Can't wait to taste the cookies and hug the Dickens out of everyone.