July 21, 2012

Friends Came Through Town!

Some friends of ours from Boston stopped in on their way down to Kerrville, TX, where they are moving to plant a church.  This dear family went out of their way to swing through Pittsburgh.  Boo-ya!  We had two sweet hours together, and I was tempted to contact the people waiting for them in Texas with this message:  If you want them, you're gonna have to come up here and get them!

Here they are!
Would you say a prayer for them as they set out on this new God-given adventure?
(pretty stellar photo of a photo, eh?!)

It was their second son's birthday the day before they arrived,
so we prepared for him ... even had some cake.
(I really should have taken more pictures!)

The boys enjoyed a little Wii after a Primati's lunch!
(Yup, we "Pittsburghed" them, despite the brevity of the visit.)

Dear Father in heaven, why couldn't they church plant in Pittsburgh?!
Seriously, though, we are very excited about what God will do with, in, and through you in TX!

Clay enjoyed some great birthday smiles and giggles from Katherine before they left.

While those boys were busy doing their thing,
these two little ladies played dolls and doll house up in the kids' room.

I really treasure these two hours we had with our friends.
When I think of it, I am so very happy and so very sad, all at the same time!

We love you, Standridges!
God speed you on to Kerrville.

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  1. So glad you got a chance to love on them! Miss you all you Leavers of CTK... Lydia