July 5, 2012

7.4.12 in photos

The day began my favorite way, with food!

Patriotic Pops after lunch!

I got some photos with the kids.

Grammy and Grampy came to spend the afternoon and evening with us.
Wow, it was so relaxing.
Then they gave us (or at least me!) the biggest treat ever ...

... staying with sleeping Katherine so we could go downtown to see the fireworks!

I haven't gone to the Pittsburgh fireworks in years, and as a child we went every year.
Now we live close enough to the city that we were able to try using this mode of transportation;
it was a success.

Watching the fireworks and putting in earplugs! 
 Thanks Pittsburgh, you never disappoint!

Happy Independence Day!
 I hope you were able to enjoy yours, too!

Is anyone else super tired this morning and have kids that woke up at the same time,
despite the late bedtime?  There will be some napping around here today!
Napping, and lots of coffee.

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