February 26, 2012

Week #1 With Our Katherine

One week ago we brought our baby girl home from the hospital.

Since then she has tried on new outfits,

had a bath,

snuggled with and gazed a lot at her daddy,

spent a lot of time being cute and small,

been held daily by her biggest fan,

received much affection from both of her siblings,

slept quite a bit,

mastered pacifier sucking,                                            taken up "reading,"

 and graciously hosted many visitors.

Having Katherine home has been wonderful.  As far as babies go, she is a delight and Baby Wise has helped  us to establish an amazing routine.  (I'll write about that book sometime soon.)  The greatest challenge of bringing home baby has been the little guy featured with me in this photograph:

I love this little boy to death; he's our family comedian, fully of joyful energy, adores his baby sister, and loves a good snuggle (among many other things!)  Bringing his sister home, though, has resulted in expected but sometimes very overwhelming disobedience. Our theme word this week has been self-control ... praying it and speaking about it for myself as much as Brian.  At times, he's fine, helping or playing like his normal self.  Then, Mr. Hyde emerges and it's like he's incapable of hearing my voice or Colin's or getting himself under control.

So right now I'm praying for wisdom and discernment about how to love an interact with him in a way that will fill up his little "love tank" and lead to a reduction in the act-out behavior.  I've done a lot of yelling this week, or speaking in harsh tones, given time outs and threats, and taken things away.  This approach helps in the short term, but leaves me feeling miserable when I tuck my little boy into bed at night.  Sure, he needs discipline, but I want to take it another step further and study my little boy to know how to best tend to his little heart during this time of transition.

So, while our first week has been really quite wonderful - the best newborn homecoming we've ever experienced; we've even been to the park, library, and grocery store - it's also had its moments!  I am thankful that God keeps interrupting me with the gospel, reminding me of my need for it (Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so, repent and believe; Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so, repent and believe!), and my need to extend mercy to my husband and children too.

Have a blessed Sunday.  I pray that God meets you in worship.  I cannot WAIT to get to church this morning!!

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  1. I love this page! Enjoy every minute of and with them all!!