February 7, 2009

Elizabeth - almost 57 months

It's Elizabeth's turn. She's been growing up so much recently, I can't wait until she's 5 to post about her. These two photos capture her zany personality just a bit!

Every day we're more amazed with her development and her willingness to try new things. She's enjoying her growing independence. Here are few things she's learned to do recently:
  • crack eggs
  • cut up veggies for salads
  • butter bread
  • clip her nails
  • brush her teeth thoroughly
  • zip her coat
  • take a shower (with a little help)
  • fully dress herself
  • get into and out of the car by herself (even opening the van door)
  • help without being asked
Here's a video of Elizabeth's first sledding outing with her friend Simon. This is one of her recent incidents of courage I didn't expect; she just jumped right on the sled and flew down the hill!


  1. Wow! That did take some courage - that looked like a big hill from this angle! We love Elizabeth and her helpful, loving zaniness.

  2. Where did you guys go sledding? We have been saying that we want to go but it has just been so cold this winter and Clara doesn't do well in the cold.

    I added your blog to my list :)

  3. This is at "Slyline Park" in Arlington. It's on Easton street across form one an elementary school. It's a great sledding hill and there's a really nice park with a great view of Boston. You'd enjoy taking pictures for sure.