February 6, 2009

Brian - 8 months

Brian will be 8 months old tomorrow! He has been busy learning to do new things and exploring the world with his brow furrowed.

Here are some things you might enjoy knowing about him:
  • He is a VERY happy baby.
  • He can chow down. He eats an entire cup of food at each meal and nurses.
  • He's getting good at eating pick-up food: crackers, puffs, pieces of banana.
  • He can get on his hands and knees and move his hands or his legs, but has not gotten them coordinated to crawl yet.
  • He can get from hands and knees to a sitting position, and from sitting to his belly, without any trouble.
  • He can play by himself for quite a while, as long as there are enough things around to grab and chew on.
  • He LOVES the television and looks so cute on the floor staring up at the screen that's so large compared to him.
  • He can clap his hands and loves his own ability to make noise with his voice or toys.
  • If holding onto something, he can stand alone for a little while.
  • He likes to wake up in the morning before 6am, often before 5:30.
  • Elizabeth is one of his favorite people, and can really get him laughing.


  1. what a cute laugh he has! i laughed just listening to him! and elizabeth, she is one of my favorite kids and can really get me laughing!

  2. This is my favorite movie!!!!! SO FUNNY! Can't wait to see you guys!!!--Michelle