December 19, 2021

Christmas Tears

Beloved,  I do not know how this blog post "finds you."  I can tell you why I write and perhaps it will meet you right where you are today.  So far, Advent in our corner of the world has been marked with grief upon grief: pain, sickness, death, and sorrow.  That's the facts of the matter.  As lights have been hung, decorations placed, and gifts purchased, we have received too much sad news and been often in prayer for friends and family enduring trials we wish we could take from them - especially at Christmas time.

I'm not much of a public crier, but the tears well up in my alone times when I know the Lord is near and I entrust to Him those whose suffering I cannot relieve.  Over and over as my heart has ached this month, the Spirit brings to mind the phrase, "Christ is born." It has such immense significance this particular Christmas season.

Dare I say that true Christmas spirit can only be found kneeling at that manger-cradle?  Can we rejoice in an Advent that is breaking us?  Will we have hope in the promise that the child truly is the Wonderful Counserlor, Almighty God, Everlasting Father, and Prince of Peace?  Is it possible for peace to flood our souls despite circumstances that batter us like storm waves the breakers?

The answer is yes.

"Christ is born" is the good news!  God saw; God sees; God comes!!

We won't always get explanations that satisfy, if ever. Until Jesus returns sin, sickness, and death will be part of life. But we can always, even in tears, speak truth to the darkness:


Thus, the light will shine a little brighter.  Hope is fanned back into flame.  Peace enables our souls to find some rest.  Joy unexpectedly percolates.

My beloved, when the Christmas tears come, let them flow and let them lead you to the One who has promised that one day He'll wipe away every tear.  Right now is the time for tears, not tears of despair but tears of longing for the fulfillment of all the promises set in motion when Christ was born.

One other thing I have noticed in this unusually sad Advent season is that the things in this world in which we can take great delight - because our God did create all things and call them good - have become more precious and worth fighting to enjoy and celebrate.  I see the sadness as sadder than ever before, but also the delightful as delightfuller than ever before.  As they say, God works in mysterious ways.  I trust He will the same in your life.

I leave you with this song and a prayer that "Christ is born" would be your ultimate comfort and joy this Christmas, in laughter and tears.

Merry Christmas,


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