January 1, 2019

New Year, New You? Resource Suggestions

Happy New Year!  Last time I wrote I encouraged you to consider how you'll get into the Word this year, first and foremost, above all other resolutions or commitments you might make for the next twelve months.  Please read that post; it is my new-years gift to you, my readers.  (And, also, seriously guys, thanks for reading; you bless me!)

At the end of that post I promised I'd offer some suggestions for where to start.  I have a page on this here blog called Deepen Your Roots (see it there at the top?) with some suggestions of how to grow in your faith.  There I offer several ideas: Bible studies, books, and general tips.  But it has been a while since I've updated that, so I can add some things here.

  • Love God Greatly has become a favorite of mine.  They offer mostly 8-week studies throughout the year on various devotional topics, books of the Bible, or people in the Bible.  Starting Monday they will begin a series called "Choose Brave" or you can use one of their previous studies which you can find on the site.  Their resources are free, BUT if you order a journal all the proceeds go to help with translation costs for their international ministry - super cool!  With each study they include M-W-F blog posts and you can join an online group or start one of your own, to have accountability for your Bible study.  Read more on their website, or let me know if you have any questions.

  • Read through the Bible!  This is an ambitious undertaking, but certainly not impossible.  I have done it several times and it is amazing what you learn about God and how He interacts with His people.  This year I'm going to give a chronological Bible my husband bought a few years ago a read-through. It's only $8 on Kindle if you wanted to join me.  But there are lots of different read through the bible options out there.  Do some exploring!  There's a link to another option in the Deepen Your Roots above, too.  I enjoy the schedules that have you read Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs; helps a lot when you're in OT law books which can be a little dry!  Do some poking around to find something that would work for you.  And feel FREE to read through the bible in 3 or 5 years instead of 1!

  • She Reads Truth has come highly recommended by several people, though I have never followed any of their studies.  Here's what it says on their home page:  We create beautiful, accessible Bible reading plans and resources, using old and new technology, for women and men worldwide to grow in biblical literacy and affection for God and His Word.  Sounds like a perfect place to poke around for a plan and get started!

  • Daily devotional readers are a perfect place to get started with the habit of feasting on God's Word.  I can recommend three.  Click on the photo of each to learn more.


Alrighty, I think that is enough to get you started.  While you are eating healthy today to recover from the last month of 2018, pull out your Bible and let the crunch of your celery serenade your first Bible reading of 2019!

May 2019 be the year you fall in love with God and His Word, to His glory, honor, and praise!


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