October 16, 2014

November 2014 Series: a Sneak Peek

Hi all and welcome new readers!

Sorry it has been so quiet around here since the end of the last series.  I really would love to be one of those amazing disciplined ladies who have mastered home, family, homeschooling, and writing and (appear to) keep up with it well.  But I am not one of those ladies; I am me!  Nevertheless, I feel like a part of me is dead when I am not regularly writing.  So have no fear - I  know you were losing sleep over my absence around here - I am in the process of cooking up the annual November daily series.  I was working on it this morning.  See?!

Until today I didn't know that this amazing concordance, that Christine gave me years ago - thanks, Christine! - had both a Hebrew and Greek dictionary in it.  So this morning I was able to look up different words that in my New International Version are translated refuge, which will be next month's theme.

Here's a snazzy thingy I made on PicMonkey to go with it!

There was a period this past summer when I kept coming across the word refuge: in personal study, sermons, songs, etc.  My heart took great comfort and courage from the word each time.  Of course the courage and comfort came from knowing that God is that refuge, the only place I can run for sure safety, protection, security, love, forgiveness, and peace.

Soooooo, THAT is where we are going to go on this blog throughout November.  I want to take a deeper look at verses that mention refuge.  I also want discuss how we can take refuge in God in many different life situations.  I cannot wait to see what we can learn by LOOKING at God's Word, by LISTENING to what He has to say, and by LEARNING to Run to the Refuge over next month.

I hope you'll join me.  Bring along a friend!

Walk in His way,


  1. Can you give me homework? I would love to make myself study along with your writing. Refuge sounds great!

    1. Lydia, that is a great idea, because it would force me to get more organized ahead of time. I'll see what I can do. :)