March 25, 2013

Holy Week Reflection: The Love of Christ

Stained glass window, Meyer's Studios, Munich 1899This morning we read the story of Mary anointing Jesus with expensive perfume in The Child's Story Bible.  After finishing, I asked the kids why they thought Mary did what she did.  I shared with them that she really loved Jesus and it was a way of worshiping Him, to give Him one of her most prized possessions, to pour out on Him something so valuable, He alone being worthy of such a gift.

I commented, "Mary really loved Jesus."

Brian, my four year old responded, "Like you really love me, Mom."

"Yes Brian, like I really love you and Elizabeth and Katherine and Dad."

His comment got me thinking about why Mary so adored Jesus.  The short answer, I think, is that Jesus first loved her.  Her Savior knew her, called her, rescued her, taught her, and cared for her.  Mary was captivated by Him.  And she was as sure of Jesus' love for her as my little one is of my love for him.  The consequence was an extravagant display of worship and affection that brought disgust from some, but affirmation from Jesus.

I shared with the kids that we can worship the Lord in this way by giving Him all that we are, the very best of ourselves.

If you are a Christian, dear one, your Savior knows you, called you, rescued you, teaches you, and cares for you.  You've been adopted into a new family.  God's family.  You are no longer defined by your past, your sins, or even your strengths.  No.  You are now defined by your relationship with Christ Jesus, having been given a new and righteous identity.

We can worship the Lord,
responding to His sure and unchanging love for us,
by giving Him all that we are, the very best of ourselves.

Something to consider during this Holy Week, when we join Christians throughout the world in reflection on the Passion of the Christ, our Savior and Lord.

Here's what I wonder for myself and will ask you, too: What kind of response does the love of Christ elicit from you?  Oh to have even a small taste of the extravagant love Mary had for Jesus!

Lord, move in our hearts, especially during this week as we meditate on your Passion.  May our love for you grow with each passing day as your Spirit impresses upon us the truth of who you are, how you love us, and what you've done for us.  How good You are, Sweet and Precious Lord.  Amen.

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