October 9, 2011

Day 9: Sabbath Rest

Last Sunday, the month of posting was just getting started, and I didn't really think about the fact that it was Sunday.  This week, it occurred to me that Sundays need to be a day of rest even from blogging.

Rest is another way that God asks us to trust Him and gives us what we need.  (Can I, in faith, not blog for a day? ... It's more of a challenge for me than you might think!)  So, we'll get back to the series tomorrow, but for now, have a blessed Sunday!  I pray that God will meet you as you gather with the people of God in your neck of the woods.

(You can schedule your posts on Blogger, so I was able to write this on Saturday - in case you were wondering.  I LOVE this feature of Blogger.)


  1. Hi. I'm your Aunt Jill's priest. She put me on to your blog a while ago. I'm enjoying it.

    Good word for today. God bless you for keeping your Sabbath.


  2. Hi Gene! Welcome to Life in the Valley. Thanks for reading, for your encouragement and for taking care of my Aunt Jill - I like her a lot. :)