August 10, 2011

Nine Years / Nueve Años / Neun Jahre

Nine years ago at 10:30am, a ceremony began that changed our lives forever.

We were a little younger,
a little thinner,
a little naive-er,
(which was just right, then.)

Now, nine years in,
we love each other a little more,
understand each other a little better,
and have a family that's a little bigger.

We've endured some trials,
but shared many more laughs.

We've changed for the better,
because we have each other,
and a God who will not let us stay the same.

Yes, world, this is my man!
He can eat big sandwiches.

I'll claim him in sickness and health,
joy and sorrow,
plenty and want,
till death does us part.

And I'm sure thankful he feels the same about me!
He is a patient man, folks, a patient man.

Happy Anniversary, dude.


  1. Happy Anniversary, Heather and Colin!

    Looks like i'll have to buy more food. ha!

    Have a great year ahead and I'll see you later today
    to wish you best wishes in person.


  2. Happy Anniversary to you both! And many more happy years to come! We love you and your bigger family too!


  3. first of all, happy, happy anniversary!

    secondly, that is one awesome burger! was colin really able to eat it all or were you two splitting it? WOW!!

    hope you were able to celebrate together and enjoy reflecting on where you have been, where you are and dream about what the next few years together looks like. blessings, friend!

  4. Thanks Sarah! It's not even a burger, it's a fish sandwich with TWO pieces of fried fish; absurd. But he ate all. By himself. What a man.

  5. happy anniversary to you two! we've got our 9 year coming up wednesday [the 17th]. hard to believe it's been 9 years! love the old snapshot, so sweet.

  6. love it! happy anniversary! your wedding pic is beautiful~