September 22, 2010

Music Suggestion #2

Trying to post a picture with suggestion #1 didn't work out. So I guess these will be photoless posts. Sorry! Darn copyrights ... don't they know I could potentially be selling more of their music. Oh well. (I'm not actually upset about it and respect the rules.)

A-hem. Moving right along to #2!

I sincerely hope some of you are already familiar with his music. Over the years it has been a pleasure to hear Andrew grow in his faith, as expressed through his music. Each successive album has greater depth and ministers even more to my spirit.

My two favorite albums:
  1. Resurrection Letters, Vol II: I've talked about a song from this album here at Life in the Valley before. Other favorites are Hosea and All Things New.
  1. Behold the Lamb of God: This album sweeps through the Biblical narrative from Genesis to Revelation. There's even a song of the genealogy in Matthew! I'd never experienced an album like this before. Technically it's a Christmas album, but I listen to it year round!
I look forward to purchasing his latest, Counting Stars, soon!

Maybe you will too.

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